Global Campaign

Chatime branding around the world.

Tea Lab

We’re a clan of passionate tea enthusiasts. And we believe that the best way to share that passion is to make the best cup of tea possible.
With nearly 20 years of industry experience, our hearts and soul is in every refinement of making tea great.
Chatime Tea Lab is a campaign that educates our customers and enhances how they appreciate Chatime products. Every step of the journey, from tea
to cup.
Here you'll find online assets, toolkits, and in-store materials that our Partners can use to elevate Chatime tea expertise messaging.

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IP Licensing

Chatime collaborates with like-minded, popular brands to reach a wider audience. For instance, we previously launched a successful campaign with BT21, a character created by the world-famous K-pop band BTS for LINE Friends, a dominant messaging and social media app in Asia.

The campaign was launched in international markets, including Taiwan, the Philippines, Indonesia, Malaysia, and Canada, and has proven to be an effective way to drive sales and brand awareness.

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Chatime CommuniTEA

“Thirst to Do Good” Chatime CommuniTEA is our official Global Corporate Social Responsibility Program. Launched in 2020, this CSR platform aims to
create social impact with the power of boba tea and be the voice of Chatime’s global community.

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My First Chatime

Happy New Year, Happy Chatime! My First Chatime is a global campaign for customers welcoming the arrival of the New Year. The
program covers a slew of online marketing activities to engage with customers, including reading, scratch cards, and other gaming platforms.

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Chatime Global Tea-Rista Contest

The tea of champions! Started in 2019, the Chatime Global Tea-Rista Contest is a hand-shake beverage
competition for our worldwide store professionals to showcase not just their tea-making skills but also their
creativity in making new and exciting tea drinks. An incentive program by design, the contest encourages
and rewards employees to take pride in what they do.

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Good Run Good Love - Chatime Charity Run

First held in 2019 for the benefit of children's social welfare, this charity event celebrates Chatime's founding anniversary. Plenty of festive games, prizes and Chatime drinks are shared to encourage the youth to engage in healthy and sports activities.

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