Global Campaign

International Campaign

Tea Lab

We are a bunch of people that are passionate about tea and want to let the world know how a cup of “Good Tea” is made.

With nearly 20 years of industry experience, we have poured our hearts and soul into every step of the way. Chatime Tea Lab is a campaign that aims to educate our customers on Chatime products, how they are made and the process it goes through-- from tea to cup. This covers on-line assets and toolkits and in-store materials that our partners can use to enforce Chatime tea expertise messaging.

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IP Licensing

Chatime taps into collaboration with like-minded, popular brands to further drive its reach. This year, we have successfully launched BT21, a popular character created by world famous KPOP boy band BTS for LINE Friends. This campaign was launched in our international markets including Taiwan, Philippines, Indonesia, Malaysia, and Canada and has proven to be a very effective strategy in driving sales and brand awareness.

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Chatime CommuniTEA

Chatime CommuniTEA is the official Global Corporate Social Responsibility Program of Chatime. Launched in 2020, this CSR platform aims to create social impact and voice using Chatime’s global community.

Connecting with the brand CSR slogan- “Thirst to Do Good”, Chatime commits in making this world a better place with the power of BOBA.

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My First Chatime

My First Chatime is a global campaign which Chatime invites world-wide consumers to share their first experience with Chatime in welcoming the New Year. The program covers a slew of on-line marketing activities to engage with our customers such as on-line reading, scratch cards, and other gaming platforms.

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Chatime Global Tea-Rista Contest

Chatime Global Tea-Rista Contest is the hand-shake beverage competition which started in 2019. It is an internal competition that targets our store personnel from international markets to showcase, not just their tea-making skills, but also their creativity in making new and exciting tea drinks! The objective of the program is to encourage and reward our employees in taking pride into what they do--- making it an effective employee incentive program.

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Good Run Good Love

Good Run Good Love was a running activity held in 2019 for children as social welfare. This CHARITY event that benefits the children is in celebration of Chatime anniversary. Lots of festive games, prizes and Chatime drinks poured during this event. The activity is meant encourage young people to engage in healthy and worth-while activities such as sports.

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