Changing the way the world drinks tea

Founded in Taiwan in 2005, Chatime has been providing millions of customers around the world with wide selections of freshly brewed tea--creating fun and trendy customer experience.

Now operating across 58 countries worldwide, Chatime becomes one of the largest bubble tea brands in the world with key locations in Australia, Canada, Indonesia, Philippines, Malaysia, Japan, UK, USA, Northern Europe, and Mainland China and more! We continuously grow, bigger and wider, tapping into new markets. Recently included into our portfolio are Germany, The Netherlands, and Palau. Chatime is a publicly –listed company with stock value quadrupled in 2019 under its mother company La Kaffa.

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Supply Chain Capabilities

A bit about how we supply

In 2019, Chatime acquired the largest Taiwanese pearl manufacturer called TEN EN TAPIOCA FOODS CO., LTD, specializing in “Pearls” production. As a Halal-certified product with up to 60 metric tons of daily production capacity, Ten En Pearls has been distributed to countries with no barriers whatsoever.

The acquisition has not only increased our global market share, it also enabled our brand to achieve vertical integration.

Through corporate strategic planning of acquisition and investment, we gained full access to the global bubble tea supply chain as well as the control of global bubble tea’s top-selling ingredient, the Boba Pearl. The vertical supply chain integration has lowered the operational cost and risk of overstock, while at the same time scaled up business operations significantly.

With supply chain resources, technology implementation and global tea professionals, we are now in a position to take over the global bubble tea market.

To ensure more efficient supply and stable quality and price

We have:

Owned factory

Raw material tracking and management worldwide

Strategic procurement

Centralized and global purchase arrangement

Green Initiatives

Biodegradable Packaging

International certification of our raw materials and packaging:

We advocate for taking part of contributing to the conservation and care for our environment. Our procurement has been working in sourcing non-plastic, environment-friendly packaging in recent years to minimize the use of plastic into our stores.

Comprehensive Training Package

Learning is FUN at Chatime!

In order to keep you on the right track with your new Chatime business, you will be receiving a comprehensive training from our team experts as soon as you join the Chatime family.

This will include:

3 weeks of on-the-job training & on-site opening support

This training will cover the following key modules:

  • Tea knowledge & expertise

  • Drinks preparation and procedure

  • Store management

  • People management

  • Equipment operations & maintenance

  • Inventory management & ordering

  • Tea knowledge & expertise

  • Drinks preparation and procedure

  • Store management

  • People management

  • Equipment operations & maintenance

  • Inventory management & ordering

Instructional materials

  • Chatime operations manual

  • Training Videos covering important procedures

  • Other training materials

On-going Support

On-going Support

We will continue our training support for you to keep you on track with your business goals and success.

Game-Changing Marketing Programs

Need exciting activities?

Our marketing campaign will help you to boost your sales & profits through relevant campaigns to drive awareness & trial.

Ground-Breaking Product Innovation

Need something new?

We keep creating new products to help you to boost profits with our product innovation.

Innovation for the drinks:

Innovation for how we make the drinks:

But still, people always love these popular items

Strict Product Quality Control

Don’t worry, we are always in control with quality!

We will provide you a number of services to ensure food quality and an innovative brand.

We have…

New product development

To keep innovating our brand

Better quality and taste

To strengthen customer preference and loyalty

Food safety measures

To put consumer health as first priority

Strict manufacturing process audit

To ensure stability of food quality

Systems innovation

To shorten operating process and save the costs of manpower and time

Chatime FMCG

To expand the operating channels and visibility of our brand

Partners’ Testimonials

We keep our partners happy! Let’s hear it from them!

  • Indonesia-Devin
    Being a part of one of the largest and most iconic bubble tea brand is incredible. With its strong brand presence, great team we had, fun and innovative products, happiness can be delivered in each cup to everyone, every time.
    Devin Widya Krisnadi
    Chatime Indonesia - Business Director
  • Philippines-Chris
    With the right mix of young energy, winning taste, and collaboration across countries, the brand is truly fit for the international market. Chatime has the potential to be a household name in whatever country and whatever language."
    Chris Cua
    Chatime Philippines - Finance and Marketing Director
  • Australia-Carlos
    Our strategic relationship with La Kaffa enables Chatime Group Australia the opportunity to collaborate on all aspects of business, leverage insights and global expertise to amplify the Chatime offering at a local level, for the benefit of all customers and stakeholders.
    Carlos Antonius
    Chatime Australia - Chief Executive Officer
  • Malaysia-Aliza
    ‘‘With the presence of Chatime across the globe, brand positioning is an essential element for us. As one of the biggest bubble tea brands in the industry, the team is continuously driven to maintain the quality of our drinks with customer satisfaction being the utmost priority.’’
    Chatime Malaysia - Managing Director